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Plethora Of Indian Vegetarian Food Dishes At The Best Restaurants In New Delhi

‘We are what we eat’ is an old phrase, but even today it stands true and the very prove of this phrase can be witnessed from the behaviour of people eating particular variety of food. If you take a broader look, you will find in states across India different regions have different varieties of food. Let us delve into the behaviour of people of some of the states of India and how Shudh Restaurant makes its customers happy with its varieties of delicious food dishes.


Season To Celebrate The Festival Of Eating Delicious Food

If you are a resident of New Delhi or happen to be in the city for some or the other reasons, in mornings, you must be feeling cold. But do not worry as it does not relate to you’re the temperature of your body and you are fit and sound like before. It has something to do with changing weather and early mornings have a nip in the air, which means that winter is approaching and the best leisure activity in this season is visiting some restaurants and eating delicious