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Now it is easy and simple to get business lunch delivery! With our corporate lunch menu, Shudh offers exotic dishes through the range of Economy Thali, Thali Regular and Thali Maharaja. Delicious gastronomical delights are served with pickle and sweets that completes the lunch. We serve different vegetables and lentils everyday to maintain the nutritional value and to serve delicious food to our esteemed customers. Apart from Thalis, we have some spicy and lip smacking snacky bites just for you. We also deliver chats, grilled sandwich, and Pav Bhaji to offices

Regular Lunch Thali
Economy Thali Dal Makhani, Shahi Paneer, Steam Rice, Two Pcs of Tandoori Roti, Onion Salad, Achar/Papad, One Pcs of Gulab Jamun. 196/-
Thali Regular Dal Makhani, Seasonal Veg., Shahi Paneer, Steam Rice, Plain Naan, Onion Salad, Achar/Papad, Raita. One Pcs of Gulab Jamun. 196/-
Thali Maharaja Dal Makhani, Seasonal Veg., Steam Rice, Shahi Paneer, Butter Naan, Onion Salad, Raita, One Pcs of Gulab Jamun & Rava Kesari. 226/-

Snacky Bites

Pav Bhaji   Chats   Grilled Sandwich
Pav Bhaji   Chats   Grilled Sandwich
Pav Bhaji 138/-
Jain Pav Bhaji 138/-
Bombay Vada Pav 102/-
Extra Pav 25/-
Dahi Bhalla / Dahi Papri 90/-
Dahi Bhalla Papri 90/-
Gol Gappa (6 pcs.) 68/-
Gol Gappa Water Extra For Packing 25/-
  Rs. 188/-
We also arrange parcels for food (South Indian, north Indian) of your choice.
*Sales Tax as applicable