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Come and taste authentic Chinese food in Karol Bagh. Shudh Restaurant offers hot and delicious soups, starters, main course, noodles and fried rice in its Chinese food menu. Experienced chefs, best ingredients, array of herbs & spices and hygienic cooking makes the perfect combination to offer best Chinese fast food at the restaurant.

Chinese Food Menu
Tomato Coriander Soup 80/-
Hot & Sour 85/-
Veg. Munchow 85/-
Sweet Corn 85/-
Veg. Clear Soup 85/-
Lemon & Coriander 85/-
Spring Roll 120/-
Chilly Paneer Dry 160/-
Veg. Manchurian Dry 140/-
Chilly Mushroom Dry 155/-
Spinach Pepper Salt 125/-
Paneer Shashlik 175/-
Stuffed Mushroom 175/-
Crispy Honey Chilly Potato 115/-
Crispy Spinach & Baby Corn 150/-
Fried Vegetables in Salt & Pepper 135/-
Main Course  
Veg Chopsouey 140/-
Chilly Paneer Gravy 150/-
Manchurian Gravy 125/-
Sweet & Sour Veg. 125/-
Mix. Veg. in Hot Garlic Sauce 130/-
Shreded Potatoes in Hot Garlic Sauce 125/-
Veg Hakka Noodles 111/-
Chilli Garlic Noodles 115/-
Pan Fried Noodles 170/-
Gravy Noodles 185/-
Veg. Fried Rice 121/-
Chilly Garlic Rice 121/-
Meal For One  
Noodels with Manchurian 205/-
*Sales Tax as applicable