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Are you snack lover? Grab an easy vegetarian snack; you will sense the extraordinary flavor we add. We offer sandwiches, burgers, pastas, pizzas, chaats and some other snacky bites that are just awesome.

You can also taste lasanana roll, lebenense fala fal, paneer salsa wrap under this hearth stone category. Shudh also specializes in serving vegetarian snacks for parties and provide home delivery in Delhi.

Vegetarian Snacks
All Time Favourite  
French Fries 80/-
Garlic Bread 76/-
Garlic Bread with Cheese 89/-
Plain Sandwich 99/-
Grilled / Club Sandwich 140/-
Choice of Penne Pasta's
(Served with 3 Pcs. of Garlic Bread)
Pasta Spicy Tomato / Classical Cheese Sauce 155/-
Pasta in Twin sauce 165/-
Arrabiata Pasta 170/-
Alfredo Pasta 175/-
Plain Cheese Pizza 165/-
Capsicum, Onion Pizza 175/-
Tomato, Onion Pizza 175/-
Capsicum, Onion, Mashroom Pizza 175/-
Jain Spl. Pizza 175/-
Tandoori Pizza 185/-
Super Veggie Pizza (Double Cheese) 185/-
Black Olives Jajapenos, Capsicum, Mushroom & Baby Corn 199/-
Extra Toppings  
Cheese 40/-
Pav Bhaji  
Pav Bhaji 138/-
Jain Pav Bhaji 138/-
Bombay Vada Pav 90/-
Extra Pav 30/-
Cheese Pav Bhaji 159/-
Masala Pav 105/-
Dahi Bhalla / Dahi Papri 75/-
Dahi Bhalla Papri 75/-
Gol Gappa (6 pcs.) 55/-
Gol Gappa Water Extra For Packing 25/-
*Sales Tax as applicable